HV materials exchange is a regional and global resource supporting innovation in materials management and waste reduction. Waste is a global menace and hence the need for global solutions. At HV materials exchange we provide these solutions by giving the people a platform to buy, sell and exchange materials. We also provide information on case studies, how to reuse and the best practices in reducing waste and material management.

Materials exchange

Our materials exchange platform gives the users a change to sell, buy or trade the materials they have which would otherwise be waste. This includes materials in building and construction, industrial machinery, chemicals, electronics, metals, furnishings, agriculture, textiles, wood products, paper, fiber, plastics, rubber, paints, inks, packaging materials, organic and inorganic products like glass. Take a look at our materials exchange page to see what is on offer there and maybe be able to sell or give away what you have.

Innovative zone

The innovative zone gives you the platform to be able to access innovative tools and ideas. It also provides the platform for accessing case studies and access to expert knowledge. You can also get to ask queries about difficult materials and how to manage them. At the innovation zone you can learn how to innovate and manage what is difficult for you from people who have been through the same before. There are many success stories of people who have adopted certain measures and have made a great impact. Do not say that you are not that innovative; you can easily adopt other practices used by other people and make them unique for your own situation.

Your benefits

We help you to calculate the impact that your project has. This is on the savings that you make, the –green house gas reductions, and so much more. This means that you can be able to tell the effect of the work that you have put in which is very motivating and will keep you on the lookout for mistakes here and there.  You can easily see your project become a success story. You get to know the returns on investment, ROI of your project. If your project works, you can keep going and if not you can change some strategies here and there to make it work. This kind of advice you will get from our experts as you go on with your project.

You can get expert advice from technical experts and regulatory representatives on the right practices, innovation, how to save money and how to reduce on the waste. You also get the advice you need on substitution and reuse of waste. We all have a role to play in ensuring that there is no much waste going to the landfills. This we can only achieve by following the practices that allow us to reuse and reduce the waste produced in homes, industries and businesses.  We have engaged companies that will give you the best resources on innovation and management or materials. The