The experts of the HV materials exchange have initiated working groups and roundtables. These are meant to achieve certain set goals of the group of experts that are meeting. For instance we have the heavy industry working group, materials innovation exchange working group, refractory brick, construction & demolition debris and salvage also known as the system flow and the sheet plastic roundtable. There are also other groups coming up.

Sheet plastic roundtable –the main aim of this roundtable is to convert plastic waste into building materials. This takes a significant amount of material waste from the landfills thereby saving the environment. There are many ideas that can be utilized in this initiative and so many more are being initiated day in and day out. It is such initiatives combined with all the others that are already In place that can help get rid of the plastic menace being faced locally and globally.

Heavy industry working group – this is a very important working group. Its main aim is to address the problems of large manufacturers and industries. This includes and is not limited to refineries, paper companies, textile industries, glass manufacturers, metal companies and other kinds of processors. The major problem with these processors is the amount of waste they produce and how it can be reused or converted so that it is not damaging to the environment.

Refractory brick – this group is mandated with the task to find the opportunities in which materials can be reused locally. This means that they are able to find ways to make the waste meaningful for the able around it. This is a good way to change the attitude of the people so that they can look at waste in a different light.

Materials innovation exchange working group – this is the group responsible for the development of this website. They are tasked with the job of providing a platform for the people to exchange, sell or buy materials. This turns waste into a meaningful thing and can help one also acquire what they need without the need for new production. This helps therefore in waste reduction.

construction & demolition debris and salvage – this group is responsible for coming up with ways in which construction and demolition projects can be handled in such a way that all the debris is managed properly. The salvaging process should be done in such a way that it is highly effective. It should also be done in a way that the debris is sorted out accordingly for easy salvage and recycling.