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HV materials exchange will give the launch sponsors the opportunity to become co-innovators in this fresh and authentic resource helping to meet needs globally.

Why sponsor us?

We have a diverse audience – we are not limited regionally. HV materials exchange invites participation of professionals whether in business, government or academia that wants to give the necessary solutions to materials and waste reduction. We get the solutions that we need globally and therefore they will always be coming in new, unique and fresh since the materials and waste problems around the world are unique.

Our solutions and regional and global – the information here can readily be accessed by anyone who needs it anytime they need it. Anyone interested in innovation and creating solutions has ready access to information that they require on this site. The information is derived from professionals in government, business or academia and can be applied locally and even globally.

We offer unique resources both regionally and locally – the HV materials exchange will offer resources that can be adopted and used locally but coming from global professionals. Our audience can find the resources, knowledge and opportunities of industrial ecology coming from all over the world all in one place.

We offer solutions to a global menace – at HV materials exchange, we offer solutions to the menace of materials and waste reduction. This is a problem that is affecting the whole world over. The HV materials exchange site gives the platform for professionals all over to share their experiences, solutions, success stories, case studies, technical expertise and so much more. This information goes a long way to help people all over the world to be able to handle the business of materials management and resource conservation at a local level. The resources at HV materials exchange have helped to people to reclaim materials and extract resource from waste by making it useful to them and others.

The site is open to participation for global expertise – the HV materials exchange has expertise from global professionals. It offers the platform for people to buy, sell or trade their materials regionally but is not limited to regional level.